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(tit. VI-chap III) General Law of the Merchant Marine

With an innovative and avant-garde infrastructure, in recent years Equatorial Guinea has remodeled and expanded the ports to adapt it to the new times and needs, the port of Malabo consists of 484 linear meters of pier, plus a shelter dock of about 400 meters, In addition to 60,000 square meters enabled to deposit containers. Thanks to its natural depth, up to 16 meters, the port can accommodate large draft vessels.

  • Perform the surveys of vessels subject to authorization in accordance with the general guidelines and criteria approved by the General Directorate of the Merchant Marine.
  • Submit at least every two years, under the terms set forth in article 230, paragraph 3 of the general law of the merchant marine, to the supervision and inspection of the General Directorate of the Merchant Marine. They must also undergo periodic audits of the functions performed on behalf of the Maritime Administration.
  • Facilitate at all times the exercise of ship inspection functions by the General Directorate of the Merchant Marine, who may verify them in detail and randomly.
  • Communicate to the General Directorate of the Merchant Marine the essential criteria used by the organization to classify, declassify and change the class of ships, as well as the suspensions, transfers and class withdrawals that may suffer from them.
  • Communicate to the General Directorate of the Merchant Marine the technical standards of the organization, its application and any modification thereof.
  • Have an insurance policy or other financial guarantee subscribed, in order to guarantee the civil liability derived from the actions carried out by the organization in the activities subject to the authorization, in the terms provided in article 232 of the general law of the navy merchant.
  • Cooperate with the organs of the Maritime Administration of Equatorial Guinea regarding vessels inspected by the organization, mainly when it comes to rectifying deficiencies or other discrepancies notified by said bodies.
  • Conduct periodic consultations with other authorized organizations, in order to maintain the equivalence of their technical standards and uniformity in their application, in accordance with the provisions of IMO Resolution A 847 (20).
  • Communicate to the General Directorate of the Merchant Marine all variations that affect the requirements and contents of the authorization, within ten days of their occurrence.
  • Refer to the aforementioned management center, before March 31 of each year, a descriptive report of all the activities carried out during the previous year in relation to the flag vessels of Equatorial Guinea.
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